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Healthy, beautiful hair is hugely important in our society. According to independent studies, the majority of respondents even rate an attractive hairstyle as more important than well-groomed hands or stunning make-up. In addition to its effect on others, hair also fulfills another purpose: well styled, it provides a boost to our self-confidence, which contributes significantly to our general well-being. Not to mention the actual function of hair – namely to protect us from the cold and wet.

This makes it all the more upsetting for those affected when they are overwhelmed by the shocking news of hair loss. Whether due to an illness or thinning hair as a result of aging, many people find their hair loss puts them under severe psychological strain. Not only do they lose their hair strand by strand, but they also lose a large part of their self-confidence.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to come to that: Pick up the phone now and call 0711 640 33 40 to make an appointment for a detailed consultation in our salon. Discreet, competent, and friendly, we will go through our various categories of high-quality second hair together. Our promise to you: You will feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable with high-quality second hair.

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The advantages of working with us:

Recognised by health insurance companies

Cooperation with all health insurance companies

Assured quality standards

Member of Bundesverband Zweithaar-Spezialisten e.V

Guaranteed discretion

due to separate premises

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Back to your old hair splendour

Feeling good despite hair loss

The causes of hair loss are as varied as they are insidious: unfortunately, no panacea has yet been discovered that can completely curb hair loss. Diseases such as cancer or alopecia areata, in particular, cause hair growth to be interrupted and eventually fall out.

In the case of alopecia areata, an incorrect reaction of the body’s own immune system causes the defense cells to suddenly turn against the hair roots, which leads to circular hair loss. It is primarily the merciless form of “alopecia totalis” that causes those affected to lose their self-confidence hair by hair: The loss of the entire head of hair is typical. Alopecia totalis can even affect eyebrows and eyelashes as well as beard hair in men. With such extensive hair loss, many sufferers hope for a hair transplant, but are robbed of their illusion by the immune system’s attack on the freshly transplanted hair roots. In a few cases, alopecia-related hair loss subsides on its own, and hair then grows again. However, the disease often progresses in phases, which is why those affected have to say goodbye to their regrowing hair a short time later. A long hair wig for alopecia patients made from human hair is a real eye-catcher, especially for women. Even during treatment for cancer, hair loss due to chemotherapy – in addition to all the other health complaints – is a major psychological burden for those affected. Regardless of the cause, the soul suffers when the hair falls out.

Your wig on prescription

Are you looking for second hair due to health or illness-related reasons? If you have been diagnosed with an illness or undergone treatment that leads to permanent or temporary hair loss, GPs, dermatologists, or your treating clinic will issue you with a prescription. In most cases, these are patients who have to undergo chemotherapy or who suffer from alopecia areata. As a certified member of the BVZ (Bundesverband der Zweithaar-Spezialisten e.V.), we work together with all health insurance companies and can invoice the purchase of your second hair on prescription. All communication with your health insurance company is conveniently handled by us. In this case, please bring the original prescription signed by you to your consultation appointment.

Die besten echthaar Perücken in Stuttgart bei Oliver Gerbert Haare.

Hereditary hair loss

Genetics can also thwart the desire for a full mane of hair: Thinning, sparse hair is often the result of hereditary predispositions and is triggered by a change in hormone levels. Excess production of the male hormone testosterone attacks the sensitive areas of the hair roots. In most cases, close relatives suffer from very similar problems – but the saying “a problem shared is a problem halved” does not apply in this case. Around half of all men over the age of 30 complain about hair loss and suffer increasingly from the consequences: The head becomes extensive or even completely bald, and soon it is no longer possible to recognize a real hairstyle. Instead of an undercut and man bun, a receding hairline, tonsure, or a half-bald head that gets bigger and bigger over the years take over. Men are happy to resort to a toupee to conceal bald patches. Ladies, on the other hand, usually have a different story: Their tale of woe often begins around menopause, and they usually lament thinning hair around the crown. Their remedy of choice is often the topper.

Whether you have had to say goodbye to all your hair or have only partially lost it: Either way, the missing strands will be sorely missed. A wig not only comforts you through the pain of parting but can also be a worthy successor to your natural hair in high quality. If your hair has simply become thinner, toupees and toppers for men and women are an aesthetic addition.

Your way to new hair splendour:


Initial consultation by telephone to evaluate your situation


Personalised consultation tailored to you on site


Flexible solution customised to your personal requirements profile


You leave with a full head of hair and a smile

Blonde lion's mane or modern undercut?

The choice is yours!

Losing your own hair is a painful experience. We realize that no wig in the world can give you back the unique feeling of your natural hair. Nevertheless, we want to help you regain your self-confidence in the best possible way with our diverse collection of different wigs and second hair pieces. That’s why we always focus on comfort, quality, and a sense of well-being.

While we use high-quality human hair or mixed hair wigs on the one hand, we also offer secondary hair made from almost equally high-quality synthetic hair on the other. Whichever option you choose: All our hairpieces impress with an elegant, modern cut that is perfected by a particularly authentic fall. The realistic film front gives each wig added authenticity and vibrancy. From synthetic hair processed on braids to luxurious wigs made from European or Asian human hair, there is something for every taste and every price category.

Your human hair wig

A human hair wig is made from the cut-off strands of human hair and therefore not only looks and feels particularly natural. Wigs made from European or Asian human hair combine unrivaled wearing comfort with the feel of natural hair: you can boldly use straighteners and curling irons, color your second hair, and style it as you wish – just as you used to. With a human hair wig, you are holding a very special piece of craftsmanship in your hands!

Your synthetic hair wig

Synthetic hair wigs, on the other hand, are made from synthetic fibers. Nowadays, however, they are of such impressive quality that they hardly differ from real hair in terms of look and feel. Even after washing or hours of wearing, they retain their structure and shape. Wigs made of synthetic hair are therefore particularly easy to care for and hard-wearing, but cannot be styled and restyled at will. The fibers used are often sensitive to heat, which means that styling with a curling iron, hairdryer, or straightener is not possible.

Your combination hair wig

In addition to synthetic hair and human hair, we also offer wigs made from mixed hair in our range. These are made from synthetic fibers that have been supplemented with real hair and therefore combine the advantages of both variants: On the one hand, you enjoy the dimensionally stable hold of the synthetic hair wig, while on the other hand, you enjoy the natural look and wearing comfort of the human hair.

Optimally fitting second hair to suit you

Found together

Nothing is worse than having to constantly adjust your wig! When selecting our products, we therefore focused on wearing comfort, skin compatibility, and breathability. We want you to be able to enjoy the pleasant feeling on your scalp even when you wear your wig all the time. That’s why you don’t need to fear the wind or weather when wearing our hairpieces: All our secondary hairpieces have been extensively tested and inspected. Customer orientation is our top priority, and we have spared neither expense nor effort to give you back the feeling of real hair as realistically as possible.

What you can expect from us:


A large selection of wigs and second hairpieces are available on-site here in Stuttgart-Süd in the Heusteig district.


Flexibility is ensured through the use of high-quality real, mixed, and synthetic hair wigs.


High wearing comfort, skin compatibility, and a realistic appearance are guaranteed.

Personalised advice

A detailed consultation tailored to your individual head shape is provided.

Private service

Absolute discretion is ensured with separate rooms for your personal consultation.

Correct care

Tips and tricks for the correct care of secondary hair for long-lasting shine are provided.

The best care for your wig

For long-lasting lustre

Your wig should remain a faithful companion for many years to come. Regular, thorough care not only ensures that your second hair lasts longer but also gives it a silky, natural luster. To ensure that you can enjoy your wig for a long time, you will find the best home care tips below:

To clean human hair, use a shampoo specifically designed for human hair wigs. Attach the wig to a wig stand and first brush out any tangles with a wig comb. Now hold the hair in the direction of fall under lukewarm running water before attaching the hairpiece to the wig stand again. Now massage a hazelnut-sized amount of shampoo into the hair using gentle stroking movements – again in the direction of the roots to the ends. Then rinse the shampoo out with cold, clear water. Then condition the wig with a special balm before gently patting the hair dry with a towel. As soon as the hair is towel-dried, apply another rich conditioner. The next step is to comb the hair with a special wig comb before leaving it to air dry on the wig stand. The use of a wig stand is also recommended for the subsequent styling: it holds the wig securely in place while you use a curling iron and straightener to create your desired hairstyle. When setting with hairspray, you should always use hairspray that is specially designed for secondary hair.

The care of synthetic hair is very similar. However, use a shampoo that has been specially developed for synthetic hair. Pour a hazelnut-sized amount of shampoo into a water bath and leave the hair in for around 10 minutes. Then rinse the shampoo out with cold, clear water. Then leave your synthetic wig to air dry. After drying, the hair will return to its original shape on its own. Synthetic hair also requires a special wig comb for combing.

If you wear your wig every day or use it regularly, we recommend cleaning both human and synthetic hair wigs thoroughly once or twice a week. In the summer months or after heavy sweating, you should shorten the cleaning period so that the wig always remains clean and fresh.

If you have any questions about cleaning and caring for your wig, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time at 0711 640 33 40.

Ready to discover the perfect second hair?

We look forward to your visit

We look forward to getting to know you.

Your personal consultation

The reasons why our customers choose a wig are extremely varied. Whether for health or aesthetic reasons – your well-being is our top priority. We are on hand with help and advice when it comes to choosing your second hair. You can and should feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident.

Don’t hesitate any longer and contact us now at 07116403340. Your contact partners for wigs are Oliver Gerbert and Burkhard Lange. During a detailed and discreet consultation, we will find out together what suits you and what suits your wishes. In no time at all, we will measure your head with millimeter precision before you find the wig model in our diverse collection that gives you confidence and well-being. With our decades of experience in fashion, trends, and beauty, we will support you on the way to your dream hairstyle. Your hair replacement can either serve as a duplicate of your natural hair or easily change your style by 180 degrees.

Your consultation will be sensitive and discreet: our salon has a separate room where we can advise you in complete privacy. If you wish, you can even use a separate salon entrance. In this case, simply call us on 07116403340 as soon as you are in the immediate vicinity of the salon. You will be greeted immediately through the side entrance.

Arrange your consultation appointment in our salon today – we look forward to putting a smile on your face!

Weißenburgstraße 20, Stuttgart-Süd 70180

Oliver Gerbert Haare - Your second hair for comfort
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Denise Scheerer
Denise Scheerer
26. Juni, 2024
Der Salon ist sehr schön eingerichtet und alle Mitarbeitenden sind super freundlich, man wird bestens umsorgt. Insbesondere bei der Beratung merkt man, dass viel Expertise vorhanden ist. 😊 Ich war sowohl zum Schneiden als auch zum Färben bei Musti und bin mehr als zufrieden! Es wurde auf genau meine Wünsche eingegangen und das Ergebnis sind die schönsten Haare die ich jemals hatte. Vielen vielen lieben Dank! Ich werde definitiv wieder kommen! ☺️
Jasmin Ah.
Jasmin Ah.
21. Juni, 2024
Sehr zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis. Sehr freundlicher und zuvorkommender Friseur. Die Kopfmassage war fantastisch und sehr entspannend. Immer wieder gern. Ich empfehle Samer sehr weiter!
Sabine Frank
Sabine Frank
20. Juni, 2024
Ich bin schon seit Jahren Kundin bei Oliver Gerbert und bin immer völlig zufrieden. Es ist für mich dort immer ein Wellnesstag. Das ganze Team ist sehr nett und freundlich. Man fühlt sich immer gut beraten und gut aufgehoben bei Oliver und seinem Team. Man merkt, dass sie ihren Job gerne machen und wissen, was sie tun. Immer wieder spitze!
Wioleta Kozlowska
Wioleta Kozlowska
1. Juni, 2024
Sehr nettes und professionelles Team, ohne Zweifel weiter zum empfehlen. Bin zweites Mal und sehr zufrieden mit dem Ergebnis!!!!
Anja Sprinz
Anja Sprinz
25. Mai, 2024
Heute war ich zum 1.Mal im Salon und bin mehr als zu zufrieden wieder gegangen. Angenehme Atmosphäre, alle sehr professionell. ich habe feine, empfindliche blonde lange Haare, da muss man schon genau wissen, was die Haare an Farbe vertragen.Die Balayage Technik war super und Samer weiß sehr genau, was er tut! Habe mich sofort gut aufgehoben gefühlt, vielen lieben Dank….🥰
Ana Todorovic
Ana Todorovic
11. Mai, 2024
Ich war hier letztes Jahr mit einem schwierigen Thema - Farbpanne des Vorgängers…wenn man sonst sehr schönes Haar hat ist es schon ein emotionales Thema zumindest für mich. Eine Farbkorrektur wurde von Ebru sehr professionell und für die Haare so schonend wie möglich durchgeführt. Außerdem gefällt mir die Atmosphäre hier sehr gut, man fühlt sich wohl, die Energie im Team stimmt. Ich komme wieder! Leider kann man nicht zwei Rezensionen schreiben. Deshalb ein Update- auch nach einem Jahr bin ich begeistert. Samer ist ein wahrer Künstler und macht seine Arbeit mit Liebe, Leidenschaft,Professionalität und Geduld. Lieben Dank! Macht weiter so.
Nelly Balboa
Nelly Balboa
7. Mai, 2024
Me mudé a Sttugart hace un año y tenía miedo de cortarme el cabello. Afortunadamente encontré este lugar por recomendación de una amiga. Samer definitavemente hace arte con sus manos, me encantó mi corte de cabello. Además de que él es una persona super amable y muy agradable. Definitivamente vuelvo por el siguiente corte de cabello.
Marcel Bucher
Marcel Bucher
3. Mai, 2024
Termin online gebucht - sehr angenehme Atmosphäre und zuvorkommendes Personal. Janine hat einen wirklich tollen Job gemacht, es wird sicher nicht mein letzter Besuch gewesen sein. Bis zum nächsten Aufenthalt in Stuttgart.

Weißenburgstraße 20, Stuttgart-Süd 70180

Oliver Gerbert Haare - Your second hair for comfort

Ready to discover the perfect second hair?

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Dear customer, adjusting a wig involves a lot of discretion.

If you would like to get in touch with us, please call us at 0711 640 33 40 and ask to be connected with Oliver Gerbert or Burkhard Lange, mentioning ‘wig’.

Appointment scheduling 0711 640 33 40

Now we will arrange a consultation appointment with you. If you have a prescription, please bring it to the consultation appointment. For consultation fees, please refer to our price list under ‘Second Hair’.


We have a special room in the salon where we can advise you in peace. You could even use a separate salon entrance if you wish. Please come to the front of the salon and give us a call, then you will be kindly welcomed through the side entrance.

Individual Consultation

At the consultation, we quickly determine what you desire and what suits you. Our decades of experience in hairstyling, color, and fit naturally come into play.

Next, we’ll select a wig that fits you well and is very comfortable and secure to wear.

Whatever your reasons for choosing a wig may be, whether for health or other reasons, one thing is very important to us: that you look beautiful and feel very comfortable and confident in the wig.


We specialize in real hair, blended hair, and synthetic hair.

Wig care at home

We assist you with care tips so that you can enjoy your wig for a long time. For this purpose, we offer the best care products for home treatment.

We place great importance on a high-quality wig base and high-quality hair.

Quality is our passion

We collaborate with the best manufacturers.

Quality is our passion, and this is naturally reflected in our work with wigs and second hair.

Here are some examples of the countless possibilities:

Second Hair Consultation

We provide individualized consultation to bring out your beauty with the right hairstyle and hair color, ensuring your comfort. Whether it’s real hair, blended hair, or synthetic, we’ll help you find the wig that suits your personality and is comfortable and secure to wear. For a personal consultation appointment, please call us and ask for our specialists Oliver Gerbert or Burkhard Lange.

Here you’ll find detailed information on wigs & second hair in Stuttgart.

Ready to discover the perfect second hair?

We look forward to your visit

Ready to discover the perfect second hair?

We look forward to your visit

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